Vitamin C Milky Essence 80Ml

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In the story of the series, it's a beauty product which combined four kinds of [vitamin C derivative] that will be probably the highest concentration. It smooths skin effortlessly and also leads to a firm skin. As you are able to melt, abundant sensation of use that suits the skin of yours. Address the turbulence of the nervous and keep new skin. For parts which become dried out as well as rough-skinned and uneven, use in. Fresh fruits including bergamot and orange elegantly spread, citrus stylish fragrance. Absolutely no color, alcohol free, paraben free, mineral oil non use all-natural ingredient mixture. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity (two to three push) after hand lotion, and allow it to fit the entire experience. Make use of the overlapped section on drying and irregular / basic anxious components.

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