Labo Labo Super-Keana Oil Cleansing 110Ml

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More powerful pore refining components which tighten up the skin pores. While carefully peeling skin with obviously derived lactic acid or malic acid or royal jelly acid or papain derivatives. This particular solution sloughs away the existing skin which leads to skin pores to widen, supporting the turnover of your skin. Roughness is prevented by daily use, giving skin smooth as well as soft. Additionally, softened skin is handled with four kinds of pore refining compounds, suppressing the secretion of sebum and also tightening up the skin pores. With much stronger pore refining / keratinized skin qualities, this item is going to leave skin practically pore free. Concentrating on gentleness on skin in addition to cosmetics eliminating qualities. Has 200 % hyaluronic acid or collagen to stop dryness from petroleum cleansing (compared to standard products). With great cleaning properties, this particular item actually leaves skin totally free of irritation from dryness, and also cleansed skin has a sensation of freshness accompanied by genuine moisture. It may be used in the bathtub while comforting with the orange fragrance. A cream cleanser which completely eliminates levels of cosmetics as well as waterproof mascara. Carefully getting dirt out of deep in the pores, it firms as well as refines pores. A facial cleanser abundant in moisturizing ingredients which actually leaves skin hydrated and elastic.

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