Eyebrow Paste N 610 Soft Brown

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The sleek paste adheres to the eyebrows and also the skin think as you want. A brand-new kind of eyebrow paste N which may be utilized as being a brush. A smooth texture which may be pulled as efficiently as a lotion is going to give you the eyebrow you need. A gentle thick axis pencil causes it to be painless to bring eyebrows recommendations, which makes it very easy to bring gentle and natural eyebrows. The mild brown which complements the style of the eyebrows which fits the Japanese fits to virtually any eyebrow color and also brings all-natural shadows on the eyes. A moist texture paste adheres to skin as well as wonderful eyebrows last during the day. How you can use: Take the eyebrow comb from the pencil center and bring the eyebrow top therefore the diagonally cut idea of the comb faces downward. Make a shadow underneath the top of the eyebrow and also highlight the vertical line to the nose muscles to develop a nose shadow. From the eyebrow mind to Mt. Move the comb diagonally way up. By the top part of Mt. Bizan on the bottom part of the brow, make sure to spill sideways. The brush must be lifeless and also bring a thin line. This finishes the eyebrows guidelines. Next, a good line is inserted with a pencil, and ultimately an eyebrow layer is utilized to finish the lovely eyebrows.

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