Lunasol Glam Wink Eye Color 8 Types

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An oil based single color eyeshadow that provides the eyes of yours the magnificence of shaking with damp color and lighting. A brilliant and deep sparkle by immersing small and large pearls in higher gloss engine oil. The shiny color and light help make the eyelids stand out freshly and also impress with a shiny eye which mirrors the brightness of the inside. Dusk orange reminiscent of a comfortable evening sun's rays. Lavender frost with a good silver pearl. Ruby red with a jewel like gloss. Azure butterfly with multicolored sparkles. Gorgeous brown with an attractively browned epidermis which finishes in shaded eyes. Sparkle Onyx with a cool and bright glow which sticks out in jet black. Evergreen which produces a three dimensional impact by glowing yellow light on a full green. Luminous pink with a mystical opinion of yellow with a shimmering shine of blue. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity on the finger of yours and use on the eyelid. Pack Size - 5.1g

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