Aha Honey & Propolis Peeling Liquid Set 5Pcs 5 Pcs

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The Propolis and aha Honey Peeling Liquid Set contains: - AHA Honey & Propolis Peeling Liquid 100ml - Coin Compressed Mask Sheet 4pcs An exfoliating printer toner infused with AHA to dissolve dead skin cells on skin surface for a sleek touch of skin. Enriched with honey as well as propolis extracts to ease, hydrate as well as nurture the skin of yours while protecting the fine skin of yours. Skin irritation check completed. How you can use: one. Open the incorporated compressed conceal sheet capsule, and put the formulation into the capsule to allow the mask sheet absorb. two. Use the mask that soaked with the system adequately upon the facial skin, staying away from eye as well as lip areas. three. Try leaving on for 2 3 mins, use cream and then heart after.

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