Le Aro Facial Oil Jasmine 35Ml 35Ml

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Jasmine Facial Oil which forms a moisture barrier more than dry looking, difficult skin area and also shields skin from UV rays coming from the outside environment Sophisticated combination of obviously derived Jasmine, Rosewood, Lavender, Clary Sage Aroma Essential Oils with facial, abundant Floral scent provides Aromatic hygiene to relax the body of yours as well as mind Multi usable oil infused with seventy four % organic formula provides gentle moisturization and personalized combination along with other items to offer intense skin based on the skin quality of yours as well as months The best way to use: - Making use of it alone: After face cleansing, take a reasonable quantity and also apply to face by massaging gently for high heat then lightly pat for greater absorption. - Customized Mixing: Add 1 2 drops into some other skin products and also affect the whole experience in the final stage of skincare regime.

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