Lotion 160Ml

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Homeo Beau LOTION with Fullerene, Proteoglycan, Penetration vitamin C derivatives. It's essential to support the fluid securely than supply moisture coming from the outside, to keep the fundamental epidermis power. The main element of conditioning the stratum corneum is NMF that is present in the stratum corneum as well as sixty % of NMF is composed of amino acids. Homeo Beau lotion has amino acid components in an optimistic way and also sustains freshness of your skin. Contained Fullerene has an impact to get rid of proactive oxygen that triggers all sorts of skin problems. Fullerene has quite good power to elminate proactive axygen, that is 172 occasions energy of vitamin C. Combined Proteoglycan exerts a water retention feature to adopt a huge amount of moisture and seal the spaces between collagen fibers. Furthermore, it's the identical impact as EGF that has a crucial part of turnover normalization, along with that is precisely why, Proteoglycan is nowadays gaining interest as a brand new rejuvenating element. Homeo Beau LOTION has a groundbreaking vitamin C derivative which includes both oil-soluble and water-soluble attributes. The penetration strength of its is aproximatelly hundred times greater compared to typical vitamin C derivatives! It penetrates more deeply into skin and positively synthesizes collagen, which consumes seventy % of the dermis, and positively approaches sagging and lines.

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