Umino Uruoiso Conditioner Refill 2 Types

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Umino Uruoiso Conditioner Refill - Moist Care: Collagen is nicely combined to assist hydrating locks. The fragrance of elegant and refreshing aqua floral marine. Contains selected mineral as well as eleven types of deep sea and seaweed compounds water, and also results in hair that is healthy from inside out. The Conditioner provides plenty of dampness to hair that is broken for repairing. Umino Uruoiso Conditioner Refill - Scalp Care: Contains Natural Clay (Sea Mud) advertisement Sea derived scalp treatment ingredients, additionally to selected minerals, eleven types of deep sea as well as seaweed ingredients water. The Conditioner lightly conditions scalp and hair, and also results in smooth hair while supressing smell of the head. Silicon-free. The fragrance of fresh white floral marine. How you can use: After washing, place a suitable quantity on the locks, then rinse. Pack Size - 420g

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