Elsia Platinum Quick Essence Mask 32 Pcs

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Fits completely within five seconds. Aging treatment which has 4 consequences of lotion, milky lotion, serum, and mask in a single item. Abundant wetness penetrates deep into the stratum corneum and additionally results in tight, flexible skin. Moisturizing products along with hari (W collagen [water soluble collagen, hydrolyzed collagen], caffeine, hyaluronic acid, glycerin). Unscented, non-colored. How you can use: Open the lid, raise the knob, and eliminate the internal lid. Next, take out the transparent movie inside and make sure you use it. Right after cleaning the facial skin of yours, opened the lid and store the advantage of the mask with both hands. Place the mask on the facial skin based on the role of the eyes as well as lips, and place it on the left as well as right. Following aproximatelly ten mins, peel away from the mask and use the remaining liquid on the epidermis with the palm of yours. It's proposed using along with other skin products, particularly when dryness is an issue.

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