Hadasui Skin & Body Lotion 400Ml Pink

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Mineral h2o product for smoothing skin. It's a mineral water lotion which smooths skin with healthy water and moist ingredients in the feet of Mt. Fuji, that contains nutrients needed for the skin. hundred % natural water consumption. Fairly sour, no coloring, no fragrance, absolutely no alcohol. Has fresh fruit heart. Has moisture portion xylitol. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity and put it on to the skin of yours. If perhaps you place a lot of epidermis h20 on the cotton and set it on the face of yours for some time, you are going to have an epidermis drinking water package. Let us provide intensive treatment with lotion epidermis faucet when dampness isn't sufficient. Elbows, knees, along with high heels are concerned about drying. If perhaps you see, use a lot of skin bath for body therapy. It's proposed to put on hydrating cream after looking after skin water.

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