Uv White Moisture Gel Spf 50+ Pa++++ 60G

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A hydrating UV gel which is light and fresh. UV / NIR / Blue light cut. Effective UV safety protects against UV damage because of sunburn triggering freckles as well as stains. Hydrated keep film as well as dampness ingredient protect skin from drying out. Has an epidermis protector part as well as shea fat (skin regulating part), as well as features a serum result which shields the skin of yours from damage for example drying. It may be utilized as a makeup foundation- Positive Many Meanings - with an impressive match. Waterproof, reluctant to sweat and liquid, will last long. May be washed off with face cleaner, etc, body soap. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity (aproximatelly two pearls) and distribute evenly over the whole experience. Estimated amount of usage once: two pearls Estimated time of using: approx. three to four weeks (when utilized on face only)

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