Color Icon Kohl Liner Pencil

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DESCRIPTION: We re gonna take almost all sentimental with these! We can remember it very fondly. You are a preteen, very first experimenting with cosmetics, visiting the drugstore with just a buck in the pocket of yours and getting the first wet n of yours wild eyeliner. We had been there for you then so we re here for you finally a lot better than ever! These 12 hour, long wearing liners have rich, oh-so-creamy application, an oh-so-smooth, hyper-pigmented color, and therefore are flexible adequate to make almost any look you need. Not surprising that they re and so raved about by celebs as well as makeup artists. But don't worry, simply since we re all Hollywood today doesn't imply we ve lost about you. That which was The first wet n of yours wild eyeliner color? Ours was pink.

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