Hada Labo Gokujyun Alpha Cream 50G

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Focused lift cream. 3D hyaluronic acid (moist component) minimal molecular industry collagen (moistening ingredient) low molecular industry elastin (moisture ingredient) blending. Attention to skin laboring ageing therapy. Combines low molecular industry elastin (moisturizing ingredient) providing firmness to skin as well as 3D hyaluronic acid (moistening ingredient) developing a dampness web on the epidermis. Concentrate on the mechanism which really works on the cellular level (keratinocytes) which supports the basis of your skin. Keep water, skin to firm skin like profoundly bouncing pin. Includes lots of dampness, results in flexible as well as flexible epidermis, lotion with a rich experience. Vulnerable acidity exact same as skin that is good. Consideration for gentleness on the skin. Absolutely no scent, color, mineral oil free, alcoholic beverages free. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity following the early morning as well as evening lotion, etcetera and allow it to think love to raise the skin.

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