P.d.f Ac Dressing Ampoule Mask Set 10Pcs (Line Friends Edition) 27Ml X 10Pcs

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Benefits: Anti trouble ingredients Portulaca Oleracea extracts as well as Salicylic acid provide extensive AC attention as well as sebum management to bring clear, skin that is healthy Contain Centella Asiatica that properly soothes delicate, troubled epidermis to relieve skin emphasize Cellulose mask sheet with superb adhesive power encourages silk like confident program as well as fast transfer of established ingredients within the nourishing ampoule for intense skin result The best way to use: one. Following face cleansing, correct epidermis structure with toner. two. Take away the mask sheet and put it on facial skin while staying away from the eye as well as mouth areas. three. Following 10 20mins, take out the mask and slowly dap the remaining heart on the face for greater absorption.

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